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Great Rock Climbing Destinations

For avid rock climbers, finding a decent climb is the most important outlook in the sport. Some of the most beautiful and scenic rock climbing destinations is not too far away from the city, which allows a greater participation from amateurs and professionals. Here is a list of some of the great rock climbing destinations, where some are just a day trip away and others a weekend escape.

Let’s start with ‘City of Rocks National Reserve’, located to the south of Idaho, and is a web of massive boulders with some more than a hundred meters in height. Here weather is coupled with hot days and cold nights because of the high elevation of the park. For an overnight camp, for every site a $7 fee is charged per night and there is no day fee. Private transport is required to reach the reserve located to 45 miles south of Burley, Idaho, since there is no public transport available.

The Willow River State Park is another amazing spot for rock climbing, with nearly twenty climbs, which are the steepest in the Midwest. It’s a six-hour ride from Chicago to this climbing destination in Wisconsin. Throughout the year, climbing in not permitted on Saturday and afternoon on Sunday and Friday. Smith Rock is known as the birthplace of American sport climbing and is located at Oregon, more precisely near Bend and has more than one thousand rock climbing spots, which are best climbed in spring or fall. The daily fee to use this park is three dollars while annual permits cost twenty-five dollars.

For the climbers that are looking for a winter climbing destination, Joshua-Tree is the place. Traditional-style crack, steep-face and slab climbing is what Joshua tree is famous for. It has more than seven thousand routes with rocks being not more than 70 meter in height. Joshua tree is one of the world-class rock-climbing destinations known to amateurs and experienced climbers. This destination also has a number of historical rock arts, so climbers are not permitted to climb fifty feet near one.

FERNE CLYFFE State Park is a small rock-climbing destination that is well known because of its proximity to Draper’s Bluff and Cedar Bluff. Both of these are famous climbing spots as well. The FERNE CLYFFE State Park has not more than ten trails with climbs that are about fifty-to-sixty feet in height. Climbing and BOULDERING is limited to only a single bluff, though Draper’s Bluff and Cedar Bluff seems to fulfill a climber’s satisfaction. Draper’s Bluff is known for its climbs that are over 120 feet and includes climbs for every level of difficulty. Similarly, Cedar Bluff is in the area of these close knitted climbing destinations. Basically they can be used for trading, top roping and a little of BOULDERING which makes it suitable for beginners to intermediate climbers.

All of these climbing spots are located in the state of Illinois, with Draper’s Bluff in Buncombe, Cedar Bluff in Marion and FERNE CLYFFE State Park in Goreville. Other well-known climbing destinations in North America are Maple Canyon in Central Utah, Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, New River Gorge in West Virginia, Kamloops in Alberta, Whistler in British Columbia, Canada etc.

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