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Cumberland Falls

We took a trip Friday afternoon to Cumberland Falls, KY.

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7 Responses to “Cumberland Falls”

  1. Rainbow! Thanks for entering!- Lisa

  2. Your ancient runes there at the falls are the old remains of the bath house that use to be there when the beach was up and running.Tony Warman

  3. What an adventure! Glad to see you again, dude.

  4. SciFiGirl1023 Says:

    hm i wonder what that structure used to be…you should have climbed it.. rules… are meant to be broken! hahaseriously. these are really beautiful places-mk

  5. helenzebcharles Says:

    Wow, thats an amazing place. Shame people have to litter or graffiti places as beautiul as that.Also were my eyes going weird or was the last shot playing backwards?

  6. aslanenlisted Says:

    I totally thought that the water was going backwards aswell… hooray we are not blind…

  7. yeah it was playing backwards, I shot it forward but then during editing I decided it’d play better going backwards showing the path I’d take when I went behind the falls

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